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Thumbs up for S’gor women digital entrepreneurship agenda

May 8, 2024

Selangor government is encouraging young women to explore digital entrepreneurship as a way of improving themselves.

State women and family empowerment, welfare and care economy committee chairman Anfaal Saari said the “Usahawanita: Young Women Digital Media Incentive” programme received 302 applications within two days of it opening for registrations.

The programme was organised by Wanita Berdaya Selangor.

Anfaal, who was also the WBS chairman, said that in 2023, the state government allocated RM231,000 to carry out the programme.

“In driving the development agenda, the state government consistently strives to ensure that no Selangor citizens, particularly young women, are left behind in embracing the digitalisation trend,” said Anfaal at the event in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

The programme involves four phases – basic training, advanced training, practical sessions and a competition for the final 30 participants to showcase their respective products.

Through the initiative, WBS would sponsor the costs of business website development for the 30 individuals for a year.
The top participant would be crowned Ikon Usahawanita Muda Selangor (Selangor Young Woman Entrepreneur Icon) in June and would qualify to receive various entrepreneurial incentives.

Anfaal said the business world was not an unfamiliar territory for women.

“It should be realised that we are in the era of globalisation and the notion that a woman’s place is only in the kitchen is no longer relevant.

“The icon will be recognised not only for her success, but will also serve as an inspiration and role model for other upcoming young entrepreneurs.

“With skills, dedication and the right approach, every dream and aspiration can become a reality,” she said.

The programme continued with various talks and workshops designed to prepare them for the competition.

Also present during the programme were WBS chief executive officer Rozeeta @Hidayah Ramli and Batu Tiga assemblyman Danial Al-Rashid Haron.

Sumber: The Star
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